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Finger Splint Brace, Support

Finger Splint Brace, Support

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1. The surfaces is wrapped with a comfortable and breathable composite fabric, and the interior is inlaid with aluminum alloy plates, which can effectively fix the fingers and prevent the fingers from bending

2. It adopts a sticker design, the size can be adjusted freely, and it can be disassembled at any time, which is convenient for cleaning wounds and applying for medicines

3. Can be used for finger fracture, joint stiffness, tendon rupture, sprain, dislocation, etc.

4. Very lightweight, very breathable, it will not cause discomfort when worn on fingers, anti-sensitive cotton lining, skin-friendly, fit, sweat-wicking

5. Aluminum alloy base, fit the radian of healthy fingers, good toughness, adjustable radian

1.【Promotes Healing】Our finger splints prevent the finger joints from flexing to promote healing, providing excellent support for stiff fingers, effectively relieving finger fractures and dislocations

2.【Easy Disassembly and Assembly】Our finger splint adopts a sticker design, which can be disassembled and assembled at any time, and the size can be adjusted freely, which is convenient for cleaning wounds and applying for medicines

3.【Secure Fit】Finger splints adjust the level of tension for maximum comfort and freedom, and hook and closures ensure easy adjustment for a secure fit that reduces slippage and bunching

4.【Soft and Comfortable】This finger strap feels fine, soft, and elastic, made of high-quality fabric, the fabric feels smooth, wear-resistant, not easy to pilling, skin-friendly, and breathable

5.【Easy to Use】This finger splint is easy to use, wear this natural finger holder during the day, keep your fingers straight, easy to wear during work, driving, or any activity, and free your hands

Product name: finger splint

Color: black blue red

Product Specifications: One Size

Material: ok cloth SBR aluminum alloy

Unit: only

Weight: 4.9g


Finger splint*1

Material: Cotton

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