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Fitness Balls, Yoga Ball

Fitness Balls, Yoga Ball

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Product Name: Thicken Yoga Ball

Material: PVC

Color: star powder, gem green, space gray, Roland purple

Environmentally friendly PVC material, healthy yoga, using environmentally friendly materials to ensure the health and purity of yoga training.Let every user feel at ease to use.

Three colors are available, vitality blooms, three colors can be selected, choose your favorite yoga ball.

Inflation instructions: Step 1: Prepare the ball, air pump, and air plug first, and then spread the ball and insert the air tube into the air hole. Continuously push and pull the air pump to inflate the ball, taking care not to loosen the air tube.

Step 2: During the inflation process, you can press with your hand to check whether it is full, and then pull out the trachea after it is full, and it will be ready

The air plug is quickly inserted into the air hole.

The third step: Tighten the air plug firmly to confirm whether air is leaking out.

Step 4: Finally check whether the air plug is firmly plugged.


Frosted, soft frosted design on spherical surface

Compression resistance, uniform force on the thickened ball wall

Sturdy, humanized inflatable design of the yoga ball

Thread design, grip friction. The purpose of texture design is to improve the grip friction of the yoga ball and improve the smoothness and freedom of yoga.

Package Included:

1*Yoga ball+1*Air pump+1*Air pull+2*Air plug

Style: With anti-slip strip

Size: 65cm

Product Name:: Thicken Yoga Ball

Model Number: Thicken Yoga Ball

Material:: PVC

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