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Massage Roller, Wood Therapy Back

Massage Roller, Wood Therapy Back

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QIUGUO Wood Therapy Back Massage Roller Cellulite Massage Tool Self Massage Tool For Neck Leg Back Meridian Dredging Pain Relief


1. The full-bead pull-back massager made of high-quality lotus wood is stable and durable, with meticulous workmanship and good load-bearing effect.

2. The ball massage teeth are round and smooth, rolling massage the back, stimulate the acupoints, effectively relax the muscles of the body, and allow you to enjoy a comfortable massage.

3. The total length is 1.18 meters, humanized design, simple and easy to operate, you can also massage yourself without external force.

4. It is very suitable for sub-healthy people, middle-aged and elderly people, people who work in the office, and people who are sedentary.


Material: lotus wood

Color: wood color

Number of balls: 12 groups, 3 in each group

Product unfolded size: 118*765*2.8cm

Packing List:

1* Pull back massager

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