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Massager, Light Therapy, 5 Modes

Massager, Light Therapy, 5 Modes

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5 Modes Beauty Device Red&Blue Light Therapy Skin Rejuvenation Skin Tightening Eye Care Facial Cleansing Face Lift Face Massager


1. Multifunctional beauty instrument: facial cleansing+essence introduction +RF skin rejuvenation +EMS care+eye care, which can effectively tighten skin, fade fine lines and make your skin younger and more energetic.

2. Five nursing modes (CLEAN/IMPORT/RF LED/EMS UP/EYE CARE), each with three adjustable gears(except EYE CARE mode), meet the actual needs of different groups of people.

3. It can effectively promote blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, promote collagen production, whiten skin, and improve skin problems such as rough and dry skin and dull complexion.

4. When used in conjunction with skin care products such as facial mask and essence, this beauty instrument can also introduce nutrition, promote nutrition absorption, discharge impurities and deeply moisturize skin.

5. The compact machine is easy to carry, allowing you to have a beauty SPA for your facial skin anytime, anywhere when traveling or on business.

* Do not spend more than 15 minutes at a time of care.

Note: Only the head of the machine is waterproof, but the body is not waterproof.


Material: ABS

Color: white

Input voltage: 5V

Power: 4W

Polymer battery: 400mah

Charging time: about two hours

Usage time: 2 hours

Size: 16.5*4.4*4cm

Packing size: 16.6*5.2*4.2cm

Packing List:

1* White host

1* cotton pad

1* USB Charging Cable

1* English User Manual

1* Packing Box

Working Principle: LED,EMS,Warm

Power Source: Rechargeable Battery

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Material: Acrylic

Manufacturing Process: Machine Made

Function: Skin Rejuvenation,Skin Mouisture,Skin Tightening,Facial Clean,Anti Wrinkle,Lifting

Certification: CE

Brand Name: Hailicare

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