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Portable Sliding Board

Portable Sliding Board

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Portable Sliding Board Multi-purpose Balance Leg Muscle Trainer for Ice Hockey Roller Skating Training Home Fitness Accessories


Product Name: Glide Mat

Applicable scenarios: simulation of training scenarios for pulley, skiing, ice skating, ice hockey, etc.

Product Specifications:




Product material: PET review material

Features: impact resistance, toughness, corrosion resistance


[New wear-resistant material] Simulates the low-resistance environment on the ice surface, making it more wear-resistant and less likely to leave marks

[Convenient storage] The product can be stored into a cylinder, which is convenient for storage and use

[Thickened baffles] The baffles on both sides are thickened, which can better protect the user and glide with peace of mind.

[Anti-slip on the back] PVC anti-slip mesh is used on the back, which can well fix the product on the plane and make sliding more smooth

Package Included:

1*Sliding mat

2*foot cover

Product material: PET review material

Product Name: Glide Mat

Material: PVC

Features: impact resistance, toughness, corrosion resistance

Applicable scenarios: simulation training scenarios for pulley,skiing,ice skating,ice hockey

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