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Resistance Band, Yoga Pilates

Resistance Band, Yoga Pilates

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Trade name: thickened stretching belt

Material: polyester and cotton

Color: green, red, pink, blue, purple

Width: 3.8cm

Length: 350cm

Weight: 450g

Package: 1 * rings, 1 * training belt, 1 * lumbar pad


1. Multiple uses. Buy our products, you can complete the exercise of all parts of the body at home alone, fifteen minutes a day, to maintain physical health

2. Multi-level segmentation design, you can adjust the different heights to feel the difficulty of training, so that the exercise effect is better

3. Sling and stitching are encrypted thickening treatment, not easy to damage. The waist is equipped with sponge pads to keep the exercise comfortable

4. Quick installation. A few simple steps to complete the installation. Small size, travel can be carried around. Unfold the exercise anytime, anywhere, just like a portable stretching machine.

Package Included:

1 * rings

1 * training belt

1 * lumbar pad

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