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Rope Skipping, Cordless

Rope Skipping, Cordless

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Cordless Dual-purpose Rope Skipping Fitness Intelligent Sports Students Majoring In Electronic Counting Steel Wire Rope Skipping


Product Name: intelligent electronic counting rope skipping

Material: ABS material

Color: blue, gray, pink

Style: cordless ball style, corded style

Size: rope length 2.8, M

Weight: 122g, 172g

Brand: Tengyi

Applicable scenario: indoor and outdoor sports. Cordless ball can be used indoors and long rope can be used outdoors

Functions: chip upgrade, accurate counting, four clock mode, counting mode, calorie mode, kilometer mode and mile mode to meet your different needs. Steel wire inner core, stable and non floating, wear-resistant PVC wrapped steel wire, wear-resistant and durable, no rope winding. 360 ° rotation without Caton gives you a smooth and smooth movement experience. The rope length can be adjusted freely without cutting. The anti-skid handle enhances the grip feeling, and the particle anti-skid design makes it difficult to slide and jump freely when sweating.


Accurate counting helps you check the number of sports. The four modes meet your different needs

There is a cordless ball, which is suitable for indoor sports, so that you can exercise without leaving home

Tough material, solid steel wire core, stable and durable

Anti slip handle, not easy to slip when sweating

Package Included:

1 * wireless rope skipping or 1 * wired rope skipping or 1 * wireless rope skipping 1 * wired wire rope

Weight:: 122g 172g

Type of sports: Cadio Training

Type: Electronic Counting Skip Rope

Training Site: Waist

Model Number: N/A

Material:: ABS material

Material: Other

Length: 2.8 m (Personal)

Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise

Department Name: Unisex

Brand:: Tengyi

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