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Sauna, Portable Steam, Foldable, Home Spa, with Protection Bag & Chair

Sauna, Portable Steam, Foldable, Home Spa, with Protection Bag & Chair

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Portable Steam Sauna Foldable Lightweight Steam Saunas for Home Spa 3L 800W Steam Generator with Protection Bag & Chair Included Steam Sauna with Remote Control for Recovery Wellness Relaxation


1. Ultra-fast and personal steam sauna: it can be heated quickly; the steam sauna can be provided according to your preferences. Multiple adjustable heating levels help replenish water, expand small blood vessels, improve blood circulation and accelerate metabolism

2. Portable and easy to assemble: The personal steam sauna tent is super portable, with a carrying bag and foldable design; it can be easily set up and quickly disassembled without tools; the hat is not removable; it is very suitable for use in many situations, including the living room , Small apartment or wherever you want to enjoy spa

3. Safe and durable structure: the stainless steel frame is rust-proof and durable, ensuring long-term safe use; the inner lining is made of waterproof cotton, and the improved sewing technology is used to ensure excellent heat insulation performance, as well as quick drying and easy cleaning

4. Enjoy hydrotherapy and relax at home-use this private therapeutic sauna to relax while reading, watching movies, listening to music, etc. after a busy day; it can accelerate your metabolism and eliminate toxins from the body by promoting sweating; it relieves stress And a great way to improve sleep quality

5. Complete and thoughtful accessories: the lightweight sauna tent includes folding chair, remote control, zipper design and hood can let your arms and head pop out; the front pocket is very suitable for storing snacks, mobile phones or other items you need


Color: blue

Material: cotton

Weight: 3kg

Capacity: 3L

Frequency: 60HZ

Dimensions: 31.5 x 31.5 x 39 inches

Product name: Portable Steam Sauna

Power: 800W

Model Number: RA8091

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Feature: Foldable Lightweight Steam Saunas for Home Spa

Capacity: 3L

Brand Name: Maelsrom

Application: Body

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