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Sleep Aid, White Noise Machine

Sleep Aid, White Noise Machine

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White Noise Machine USB Rechargeable Timed Shutdown Sleep Sound Machine For Sleeping & Relaxation For Baby Adult Office Travel

Product parameter

Voltage input: DC5V=0.5-1.0A

Power: 1W

Battery: polymer battery 800mAh

Battery cycles: 500 times

Use time: 50 hours

Charging time: 1-1.5 hours

Product weight: bare metal 100g

Product weight: 150g (including color box packaging)

Product color: white

Product size: 80*80*33mm

Color box size: 88*88*56mm

Instructions for use

1. The product has a total of 5 buttons, one switch button (including play/pause function), one timing button, one light button, one previous song (including sound reduction function), and one next song (including sound addition function) .

2. A total of 9 sleep aid music (white noise, ocean waves, cricket calls, rain, birds call, water flow, lullaby 1 lullaby 2 lullaby 3)

3. The light button can work independently, and it can also work without turning on.

4. Long press for 0.5 seconds to turn on the key, short press to pause the playback, and play a piece of music after turning on the phone, and the music will loop continuously. Press up and down to switch, long press to increase or decrease the volume, play with memory after power-on, which music will also have memory, and the music from the last power-off will be played automatically next time it is turned on.

5. Press the light button to divide into 6 cycles, from 10 minutes to 0 as a cycle, the countdown starts at 10 minutes, and the breathing rhythm gradually slows down from 10 minutes. The light is on to inhale, the light is weak to exhale, and the breathing is guided. This function is automatically turned off for 1 hour. If the timing function is not turned on, it will be at the timing time if the timing function is turned on.

6. The timing is divided into 15 minutes (bright red LED), 30 minutes (bright green LED), 60 minutes (bright blue LED), short press to switch, and turn off the timing for the fourth time. They are indicated by LED lights respectively.

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