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Treadmill Safety Switch

Treadmill Safety Switch

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Treadmill Safety Switch Safety Lock Magnetic Switch Electric Treadmill Start Key Universal Accessories Sport Workout Gym Supplie


1. Product Name: Treadmill Safety Switch Safety Lock Magnetic Switch

2. Material: magnet + plastic

3. Features: Electric treadmill for magnetic switch round mouth

4. Use steps: Before using the treadmill, place the safety lock in the groove of the panel and clip the other end to the clothes.

When the safety lock is disconnected from the treadmill, the running machine automatically starts the safety program, the speed stops slowly, the power is automatically turned off, and the safety of the user is protected.

Make sure that when you use the treadmill, the safety lock is in the groove. If not, the machine will not start and the safety switch will be released.

5. Size: Line length about 1M

The package includes:

1X treadmill safety switch

Type of sports: Strength Training

Training Site: Waist & Abdomen Exercise

Department Name: MEN

Applicable Fitness Equipment: Other

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