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Vision Recovery Training Device, Eye Massager

Vision Recovery Training Device, Eye Massager

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Vision Recovery Training Device Eye Massager Ems Acupressure Child Restore Myopia Glasses Green Light Restore Eye Protection

Product parameters:

rated power: 5.0W

Model: X8

Battery: lithium battery

Product size: 180*92*56mm

Charging interface: Type-C

Product weight: 170 ± 5G

Working voltage: 3.7V

Execution standard: GB4706.1-2005,GB4706.10-2008

Charging time: about 1.5 hours


Three -dimensional mobile green light: Bates Mobile Optical Technology, combined with American Ophthalmology Dr. Bates vision training method, by stimulating the eyeball system, using the movement of the left and right green light spots, regulating the eyes of the eyes , To exercise the crystal body, so as to strengthen the ability to regulate the axis and protect vision.

EMS pulse physiotherapy: EMS pulse is similar to acupuncture, deeply penetrates eye physiotherapy, simulate acupuncture and massage for eye acupoints, deeply penetrates the ciliary body and peripheral nerves of the eye to stimulate the eye nerve and acupoints, relax the ciliary body, relax the eye muscles of the eye muscles , Eye fatigue, etc.

Alpha Electric Polysis Music:While training eye movements, relax the brain, improve the subconscious activity of the brain, and relieve brain pressure.

Eye distance can be adjusted: The eye mirror can move, the eye distance can be adjusted according to its own face, or the eye distance, adults and children can use it, soft silicone can be bent at will, fit the eye acupoints.

Size: Large

Material: Composite Material

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Brand Name: brand name

Application: Eyes

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