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Wrist Brace, Support, Electric, Far Infrared Heating

Wrist Brace, Support, Electric, Far Infrared Heating

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Electric Heating Wristband With Wormwood Bag Sports Fitness Joint Care Wrist Protection Ball Sports Warm Compress Self-Heating Wrist Support Portable Hand Wrist Heated Wrap Brace for Arthritis Tendinitis Unisex USB


1. This electric heating wristband adopts far-infrared heating and wormwood hot compress, which can quickly heat up, relieve wrist discomfort and care for your wrist.

2. It can effectively relieve wrist soreness, accelerate the recovery of injured parts and prevent wrist injuries.

3. Specially designed for mother hand, tendon sheath hand and mouse hand, it can be used for daily protection and prevention of hand diseases such as tenosynovitis.

4. The 360° wraparound high-fitting design and thumb buckle design help to freely adjust the tightness, fix the wristband more easily, strengthen the stability of the wrist, and make wearing more comfortable.

5. Three levels of temperature (45℃ 50℃ 55℃) can be adjusted to meet your different needs.

6. This wristband is sealed and waterproof, and can be washed freely, making it easy to clean.

7. 5V low voltage and mobile USB power supply make it more convenient and safe to use.


Material: OK cloth

Color: black

Size: one size

Packing size: 13*11*3cm

Packing List:

1* Bracer

1* Wormwood Bun

1* USB Charging Cable

1* Chinese and English User Manual

Material: OK cloth

Brand Name: DearBeauty

Application: Hand

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