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Yoga Half Wheel Backward Bender

Yoga Half Wheel Backward Bender

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1. Color: purple, pink

2. Size: 30.00 * 30.00 * 13.00cm

3. Material: PU

4. Weight: 1.200kg

5. Unit weight: 2.5kg


Open shoulder and back, improve hunchback and shape vest line

Improve your temperament, stretch your whole body and enhance your flexibility

Auxiliary training can be used as an auxiliary tool to strengthen abdominal muscle strength

Flexible and anti-skid, unique TPE chain anti-skid pattern

It has high bearing gravity, inner ring + Eve damping ring, light weight, high strength and compression resistance

Reassurance, environmental protection, tasteless, non irritating skin contact

Package Included:

1*Yoga half wheel

size: 240 x 120 cm

material:: EPE pearl cotton (inner) / PU leather (outer skin)

gross weight:: 6.95 kg

Model Number: Yoga Circles

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